REPRESENT: Alice Jacoby

Artist Statement

Art has been an integral part of my life since childhood. It's my passion. I work in many mediums including oil, pastels, and watercolor.

My art is primarily intuitive and spontaneous. Images often come from dreams or my unconscious. For instance, my self-portrait Girl in a Bottle was painted only days after my mother's death. To express my grief I chose to work with very few colors, using only Ivory Black, blue black, Prussian Blue and white. Painting quickly with a palette knife and filling in the background without conscious thought, suddenly a shape resembling a bottle began to appear. I allowed the shape to become a bottle around my head which expressed my feeling of being trapped inside my grief.

Sometimes an image will develop around an unconscious core. Bird of Prey began with Halloween images, such as a vision of a sinister, black caped figure wearing a scary mask and resembling a demon or a vampire. As I was working, the image evolved into a political statement about our involvement in Iraq. The head has American flags for eyes and a narrow beak that stabs a blood-redheart.

I want to connect to my deepest wells of feeling. I believe that by so doing the art I create is strong and personal as well as universal. I am particularily inspired by the work of the German Expressionists, Francis Bacon, Joseph Cornell, Louise Bourgeois, Oscar Kokoschka and Frida Kahlo, in addition to Outsider Artists such as Heloise , Madge Gill, and Lee Godie, as well as women surrealists including Remedios Varo and Meret Oppenheim.