REPRESENT: Patrick Marquis

Artist Statement

The urge to somehow reproduce what I see around me is what made want to draw and sketch as a child, but it was the love of color that made me want to paint. In many of my earlier works, the images I painted were less important than the colors I chose. Early on I became fascinated by Impressionist color and the work of Pierre Bonnard, Georges Seurat, and Wassily Kandinsky. It was however an exhibition of the work of Stanton Macdonald-Wright, and Morgan Russell and their theory of Synchromy, which really opened up the possibilities of saturated color.

My early work was largely of the stuff that surrounded me, buildings, streets, and cars. The colors of the urban night became a theme in much of this later work, mostly in pastel. In graduate school I had the opportunity to more fully explore partitive color. I began to think of it of unmixing color on the canvas. The painting of many tiny strokes of color on a large canvas also introduced an element of obsessiveness to my work.

It was a year and a half long battle with cancer that provided the context for my present body of work. The multiple images the confused state of mind known as "chemo fog". Painting has for me become more than just an artistic pursuit, but also a way to process the experiences of life.