REPRESENT: Sangeeta Bhagat

Artist Statement

Painting is exhilarating and personally revealing to me. It is an ongoing challenge of seeing and learning each time I approach a new work. It has given me a new view on life and experiences beyond my imagination.

To me painting is like worship. When I stand before a canvas, it feels like meditation. I enjoy painting with oil on linen because the paint glides so smoothly. I use bold brush strokes to define texture, form and movement. Endless patterns of light and dark fascinates me.

I am deeply moved by color–luminous and glowing. The spectral elements of it. I have always been especially attracted to bright color. Even as a child I was most interested in the brightest colors in the box of crayons. I think it is this that has inspired me to become the artist I am today. I am now using these colors to force my mind to set up a composition–transferring it to the canvas and creating an illusion of form.

I want my work to convey the most amazing things that life has to offer in the simplest of objects; creating an image that moves in space. Combining harmony with texture and form. My ultimate goal is to capture these dramatic qualities and convey them to the viewer. That they will be as excited and moved as I am.